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Brussels Airlines Dumps Passengers In Dakar

Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:13 pm

Furious passengers were requested to organize themselves accommodation,after a Brusssels Airline A330 went technical in Dakar (Senegal ) some days ago.
The airlines staff indicated to the stranded pasengers,find yourself a hotel in Dakar ,once in Brussels ,SN Brussles would most likely arrange for re-emboursment.The local staff then dissappeared and let the passengers alone at Dakar airport without assistance.
If this is the way Brusssles Airlines wants to conquer a reputation ..???

article here
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RE: Brussels Airlines Dumps Passengers In Dakar

Fri Apr 06, 2007 3:22 pm

The DKR station manager and his staff apparently just ran away, after arranging hotac for the 20 business class passengers, and SN didn't have a clue the next day about the wherabouts of its passengers. A replacement aircraft has meanwhile been leased and left LIS on Thursday to pick up the stranded passengers, who should have meanwhile arrived back in BRU early Friday morning. SN claims that they couldn't do any better for the economy passengers because all DKR hotels were full after the swearing in ceremony of the new Senegalese president. All of that still doesn't justify the station manager's running away though...
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RE: Brussels Airlines Dumps Passengers In Dakar

Fri Apr 06, 2007 11:07 pm

Back in the 80's I flew SN (the REAL SN) from Dakar to BRU on an A310.
We had originally departed from Conakry and stopped in Dakar for passenger pick up etc.
Turned out the aircraft went tech and all passengers were loaded off and brought into the terminal.
We spent about five hours there while the trouble was sorrted out.
SN were great. They provided vouchers for food (hard to get in the terminal at that late hour, but do-able). They made announcements every half hour and said that if things drew on too long, that they would put passengers up in hotels while they waited.
Nobody got angry and nobody complained as we all realised that SN were doing their best to sort out the problem and keep passengers happy.
We set off five hours late, but it left an impression on me about a really fine airline.
Haven't we been here before ?