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How To Choose The Right Training?

Sat Jul 29, 2000 10:27 pm

I`m working as an MP officer in The Royal Norwegian Airforce, but i`m planning to start my aviation training now at a civilian school/training centre. As there are a lot of offers out there, i need some advice to help me pick the right school. I`ve been accepted at NAIA and COM-AIR and a lot of other schools, but these two are the most interesting offers at the moment.

I want to go all the way into the airliners, which school should i use????

Yours sincerely


RE: How To Choose The Right Training?

Sun Jul 30, 2000 9:06 am

Grim, even though my job is secure, I still keep my eyes on the job market. I won't go into any detail here, but one of our members, Doug Taylor, has what I think is the best site for a prospective airline pilot around.

From his site, link into the "will fly for food". Go to the bulletin board there and solicit someone's opinion for Comair. You are bound to get an answer. I can tell you that I have heard mixed reviews on Comair, but not too many details. People have strong reviews on programs on that board--Gulfstream Airlines, for instance got a very interesting response.

The other thing I would do is go to THAT IT IS "JOBS" not CAREERS. This is AirInc's site. Get a subscription! Just do it! This will keep your finger on the pulse of jobs and training programs not just in the USA but all over the world.

You will find a very CONCENTRATED audience of people like yourself who want to make the airlines a career, and you will get an honest response.

Hope this helps