I Am Back!

Sun Jul 30, 2000 9:45 am

WOW ! This site has changed so much espically the forum. I remember coming to this site two years ago and there wasn't even 1,000 pictures. I have not been to this forum in ten months because I went to my country, India. Before leaving my user name was united777 for those who remember me.

I went to India with Singapore Airlines from Los Angeles to Mumbai (Bombay), India from there I took Jet Airways to Hyderabad, India. Jet Airways is India's largest private owned airline and probally the best domesitc airline in India with a fleet of Boeing 737-400, 737-700, 737-800 and new ATR-72 aircraft. The airlines average aircraft age is around three years and for India avation standards that is excellent as were Indian Airlines average fleet is 10-20 years old.

Singapore Airlines is the best airline in the world I think. There will be some people in this forum that don't think so but SIA beats all airlines in aircraft and service also there hub airport in Singapore is really hard to beat the airport has something for everybody. I flew on SIA's Boeing 747-400.

On my return trip I had a different route from India as I flew from Chennai (Madras), India to Singapore on Singapore Airlines (Boeing 747-400) then from Singapore to Seattle I flew on United Airlines with a stop in Tokyo-Narita Airport. I flew on a United Airlines 747-400 from SIN to NRT and from NRT to SEA I flew on a United Airlines Boeing 777-200. United Airlines service was good but the 777-200 really let me down. I have always loved the 777-200 but flying on it for the first time was not a good experience. I guess the Boeing 747-400 will always be my love with aircraft.

The Seatte airport is also changing alot as there are starting to re-model it.

Farhan Ali
Seattle, Washington

RE: I Am Back!

Mon Jul 31, 2000 6:53 pm

Good to see you're back. Ihave been trying to e-mail you at to persuade you to come back.