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Ryanair Website Accuracy.

Sun Apr 15, 2007 10:19 pm

On the french version of Ryanair website, in the news section, Ryanair is claiming (March, 27th) that all the routes ex Marseille are a big succes, included the route to Rome Ciampino.

On the english version of the site, news section, Ryanair is announcing (April, 12th), 3 new routes from Francfort and one new route from Marseille + new frenquencies on some other routes.
Ryanair precise also that to accomodate these new routes, the route from Marseille to Rome (among others from other cities) will stop operations on May, 7th.

My question is : if Marseille/Rome route is a success on the french site, why do they advert on the UK sute that this route will stop soon?

Did I miss something?
is there someone out here that has found some weird contradictions?
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RE: Ryanair Website Accuracy.

Mon Apr 16, 2007 10:31 am

As my French is not the best, I will assume that the above is present on the website right now!!

FR will never admit a failing/ or weakness, 'A big success' can be taken in many forms?

There may be other factors at play why FR are dropping the Marseille-Rome flight. The route may be a ''Big Success'' in FR terms, but maybe another route will become an even ''Bigger success''.  Wink

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RE: Ryanair Website Accuracy.

Tue Apr 17, 2007 3:16 am

Ah, I didn't see / recognize this post yet, but I have just posted my thoughts here: MRS: New Ryanair Route Announcement Soon? (by Joost Apr 16 2007 in Civil Aviation)