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Trip Report, JER-LGW 29-30/7

Sun Jul 30, 2000 10:26 pm

Hi all, Greetings from Gatwick; I'm now at the Internet Exchange just outside McD's on the Village Level after a very interesting trip here . . .

I took the 7.05 Jersey (now British) European flight from Jersey to Gatwick. Jersey has quite a nice pax terminal and it's a quiet kind of place, except at that hour of the morning, when you have the BA to London and Southampton and the JEA to Gatwick. My flight was operated by the 146-300, 'JEBE. This was the one that had an accident at Birmingham; its left (?) main gear fell into a hole covered by a metal plate, which gave way! Anyway, no such problems today, except for a slot delay, which pushed our departure back to 7.30. 27 was in use and the BA 320 was also delayed. It was a routine flight. I never liked the 146 and JEA's in particular, as the windows always seem scratched (not on the Aer Lingus 146s, I notice) and difficult to take photos through. Anyway, we had a clear approach to LGW with a good view of the airfield as we came from the south and joined up for the ILS to 26L. The 146 always seems to give a very smooth landing.

My hope had been to take the Speedlink coach to LHR and then another to Farnborough, but the late arrival messed my plans up, so with this option (and the bus!) gone, I decided to head upstairs and see what was on view. CO's 777, '010, was just arriving and there was a DL 777 in new colours (nice!). However, an A3XX could land there and I'd still think LGW was second rate and since I was staying near Heathrow anyway, I headed up there at about twelve.

I had booked the new Plane Spotter package with the Heathrow Renaissance Hotel; if the planes were any nearer as they landed on 27R, they'd bite you. The package is £69 ($100-110) a night and for what you see, it's very good. A 3rd floor room facing the runway - which they will give you on request - offers a perfect view - and I do mean perfect. The first one to land as I came into my room was a VS 340, landing just a little long (it is a 12,000' runway, so it's not as if they'll lose sleep over it!) was perfect. And hey, it's Heathrow, so I got a long list of very interesting aircraft - BA 319s, 777s, Airlanka 330s, etc, etc.

Anyway, if you are going to LHR, try it! They also give you a wonderful breakfast in your room and included in the bill. This deal is only on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Okay, enough said. I'm trying to get a seat on the JY 947 back to JER, standby (I was originally on the later flight), so I'm going in now. Talk later, bye! Lots of airplanes and only one me!

RE: Trip Report, JER-LGW 29-30/7

Mon Jul 31, 2000 5:43 am

Great stuff, I know the place you mean. Those SriLankan A330's might well end up with EK, looks like UL are having some problems financing the new Airbus'.
Shame you didn't get to Farn, but neither did I!

How much was the rtn. flight then?

I don't like the 146 either-too cramped for me (even though I'm not fat!)