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Continental Question

Mon Jul 31, 2000 6:57 am

Hey all

I was looking at the timetable of Continental Airlines and I saw they were changing there equipment on the BRU-EWR route. This starts in October. They will fly a Boeing 757 instead of a DC10. This is a big change I think. I also saw this was happening on the AMS-EWR route. Is this because there are less passengers during the winter season or is it because there is a low load facor for this flight? Is it permanent or will it during summer season change?
On all the other routes i.e. FRA-EWR, CDG-EWR, DUS-EWR, LGW-EWR,... the equipment stays the same.

Thanks in advance

RE: Continental Question

Mon Jul 31, 2000 7:07 am

Not true actually, ZRH switches to a 767-400.

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RE: Continental Question

Mon Jul 31, 2000 11:27 am

Continental is retiring more DC10's late this year and
early next year, as it begins to take deliveries of the
767-200 and 767-400. Furthermore, there is a lot of
overcapacity on North Atlantic routes, and during
the winter season, traffic is slow. Continental had
said it would fly smaller planes like the 757 on its
marginal Atlantic routes during the off season and
I suspect Amsterdam and Brussels are not really
generating sufficient traffic to merit a widebody
just yet. I predict CO will switch to 767-200's by
next summer on these two routes.

Zurich is supposed to be getting 767-400 service
by year end. The second daily Rome (FCO) flight,
operated with a DC10, is, I think, being seasonally
discontinued but CO will continue to fly a 777 on
its early evening departure to Rome. This is quite
a normal practice during the traditionally slower
winter months, where airlines often have lower
fares to Europe to entice leisure travellers.