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An Afternoon In New Orleans

Mon Jul 31, 2000 7:38 am

I went out to the New Orleans International Airport today with my father for a couple of hours. We go every weekend, to watch planes AND to eat one of those delicious "Lucky Dogs" found in several locations throughout the airport. Those are mighty tasty hot dogs only found in New Orleans. Here's what we saw today:

Several unusual visitors to MSY were spotted today, including a Lorair 73S, the Atlanta Hawks 73S operating a charter for Harrah's Casino New Orleans, plus a brand-new Delta Shuttle 738. The 738 was replacing a 73S on the afternoon MSY-CVG flight. Also interesting to note, I spotted all three Delta liveries today......a 767 in the old old colors(black nose), a 72S and 763 in the old colors, and as I mentioned before, a 738 in the new Delta Shuttle colors. Other sights included a Taca 737-200, Air Tran DC9-30, America West A319, TWA 727-200 and MD-80, American MD-80 and 727-200, several Continental aircraft(MD-80 and 733/735), several Southwest jets(mostly -700's), a USAirways 737-400, and a Northwest DC9-40. Also, I saw the finished ticket counter and gate(C-1) for Vanguard, which will start service on 8/1. Food wise, we enjoyed a "char burger" and a cold beer at the new Jester Cafe on Concourse D. No lucky dogs this time, but maybe next time. All in all, a very nice day at the airport. Next time, I will schedule our visit so we can spot a Vanguard. That's all folks!!!!!

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RE: An Afternoon In New Orleans

Mon Jul 31, 2000 3:51 pm

Let me tell you, their food is horribly over-priced. THere are better places to get a hotdog in New Orleans.

I paid $4 for ONE slice of pizza there once.
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