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CX New F/J Seats Are Ready! With Schedule

Fri Apr 20, 2007 6:39 am

24/Apr -- NIL --
25/Apr -- NIL --
26/Apr -- NIL --
27/Apr CX450/505 HKG-TPE-NRT-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
28/Apr CX288 FRA-HKG
29/Apr CX785/784 HKG-DPS-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
30/Apr CX288 FRA-HKG
01/May CX504/451 HKG-NRT-TPE-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
02/May CX288 FRA-HKG
03/May CX460/461 HKG-TPE-HKG & CX919/918 HKG-MNL-HKG
04/May CX450/505 HKG-TPE-NRT-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
05/May CX288 FRA-HKG
06/May CX785/784 HKG-DPS-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
07/May CX288 FRA-HKG
08/May CX504/451 HKG-NRT-TPE-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
09/May CX288 FRA-HKG
10/May CX460/461 HKG-TPE-HKG & CX919/918 HKG-MNL-HKG
11/May CX450/505 HKG-TPE-NRT-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
12/May CX288 FRA-HKG
13/May CX785/784 HKG-DPS-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
14/May CX288 FRA-HKG
15/May CX504/451 HKG-NRT-TPE-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
16/May CX288 FRA-HKG
17/May CX460/461 HKG-TPE-HKG & CX919/918 HKG-MNL-HKG
18/May CX450/505 HKG-TPE-NRT-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
19/May CX288 FRA-HKG
20/May CX785/784 HKG-DPS-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
21/May CX288 FRA-HKG
22/May CX504/451 HKG-NRT-TPE-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
23/May CX288 FRA-HKG
24/May CX460/461 HKG-TPE-HKG & CX919/918 HKG-MNL-HKG
25/May CX450/505 HKG-TPE-NRT-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
26/May CX288 FRA-HKG
27/May CX785/784 HKG-DPS-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
28/May CX288 FRA-HKG
29/May CX504/451 HKG-NRT-TPE-HKG & CX289 HKG-FRA
30/May CX288 FRA-HKG
31/May CX460/461 HKG-TPE-HKG & CX919/918 HKG-MNL-HKG
01/JUN CX255/252 HKG-LHR-HKG
03/JUN CX255/252 HKG-LHR-HKG

* The Schedule is subject to change without prior notice.
* No new Y seats at the moment yet.

(thanks to HKADB)
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RE: CX New F/J Seats Are Ready! With Schedule

Fri Apr 20, 2007 7:14 am

Darn, I'm on CX 451 on 27th of April. Will see if I can take CX 505