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Estimations & 'Bravo' To The DC3!

Mon Jul 31, 2000 11:23 pm

Hello, I was reading yesterday a book about the history of aeronautic, and I learned that, in 1945, 95% (yes, 95%!!!) of the passengers who traveled in the USA by plane this year took a DC3!
This is an amazing figure! This plane is really a legend!
I was asking myself: Now a days, if such statistics were made (do you now if they exist?), what would be the result? (ie) :
in year 1999, a passenger who traveled by plane, in any country of the world and whatever the distance, took (THIS IS MY ESTIMATIONS):
20% B747/757/767
40% B737
20% A320/319/321
10% A330/340/310/300
10% others (russian...)
Do you think it's realistic? Do you have any figures?

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