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Aerolineas Internacionales (MEX) To Resucitate?

Wed Apr 25, 2007 5:58 am

Somebody please tell me this article in wikipedia is a joke:

I mean, this is a total give away:

The new fleet consists of 16 Boeing 737-400 for national and U.S. flights and seven 747-400 for the European and Asian flights.

 rotfl   rotfl   rotfl 

I've found wikipedia to be a pretty reliable soruce for the stuff I usually research, but this is the first time I find something dubious, specially being in the aviation section.   

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RE: Aerolineas Internacionales (MEX) To Resucitate?

Wed Apr 25, 2007 6:52 am

God I hope no :S Sounds like a terrible plan ! I wouldn't like to see a beautiful 744 in Aerolineas Internacionales conditions :S

But well if you read correctly it says that it will start again in February 2007...LOL

Great Joke! Thanks for posting
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RE: Aerolineas Internacionales (MEX) To Resucitate?

Wed Apr 25, 2007 3:33 pm

Isn't Aerolineas Internacionales that one airline that used to have that ugly blue-greenish color?? And there was a rumour that they "hand-painted" their planes? YIKES, I hope they stay 6-feet under!!!

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RE: Aerolineas Internacionales (MEX) To Resucitate?

Wed Apr 25, 2007 8:28 pm

I remember that if you bought something I don´t know in which store like "Elektra" or something like that, you were given a ticket to fly Aerolineas Internacionales. Their livery at the begining looked like something taken out from a middle east airline from the 60s and then repainted with the colors of a bathroom of a very old house. The later ones were not uniform among aircraft, and they looked as if a preeschooler had drawn them.
Gosh the news there seem really awkward, Raul Julia-Levy being the new owner, wasn´t he dead? I heard that once, it is only a rumour I presume, and them buying 747 - 400? this sounds really invented. If it is real, I hope nobody flies them, they were the crappiest airlines, I once heard one of the seats iin one of their 737-200 had a tray table pasted with duct tape.
BTW, What´s that of Aerolineas Internacionales flying into La Guardia? AFAIK they never had a place for check in in the International Terminal of MEX...
Hope someone can clarify this, but yes I hope they don´t come back, we don´t need more corrupt businesses in Mexico, lilke TAESA, that are surviving by god knows which means flying passengers at low rates with full service, but sacrificing security.