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Air Tran

Mon Mar 01, 1999 10:03 am

Is Airtran's call sign 'Manatee' or 'Citrus'? Before the two airlines came together (Valujet and Air Tran) AirTran was Manatee. Anyone know for sure?

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RE: Air Tran

Mon Mar 01, 1999 12:02 pm

ValuJet was Critter and I am thinking AirTran is now Citrus. I never hear Manatee anymore and you hear Citrus everywhere all up and down the east coast. The only sizeable carrier that it could be is AirTran.
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RE: Air Tran

Tue Mar 02, 1999 1:33 pm

valujet = critter

Air Tran = Manatee

Merged Air Tran = something I dont know