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Premium Economy On TG, LAX-BKK

Mon Apr 30, 2007 3:23 am

Hi Everyone,

I'm scheduled to fly Premium Economy on TG from LAX to BKK and back next month. Has anyone ever flown this route in Premium Economy? I'm wondering what to expect, etc. Any information you can provide would be most appreciated.

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RE: Premium Economy On TG, LAX-BKK

Mon Apr 30, 2007 8:06 am

I flew LAX-BKK in their premium Y last March and return in standard Y. The food is exactly the same as in standard Y, it's just served in real dishes instead of plastic. There were 3 full meal services plus snacks whenever one wanted. IFE was on demand and had a decent amount of variety to please most people. I found that the flight (17.5 hours) went by rather fast, all things considered. The return to JFK was the same and as I said, in standard Y, in a middle seat with the one next to me open. I think the standard Y was more comfortable... based on the position of the leg rest and the fact I could move the arm rest. THe staff was nice, even at the end of the flight, though they seemed sort of detached and robotic at times. NO shortage of the wonder Thai smiles though!

Have a great trip... it's the best way to BKK imo.