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Spotting At SJU. Aeroparque Now Closed?

Tue May 01, 2007 8:21 pm

Sometimes coming home in the late afternoon from my customers in the east of the Island, I used to stop at the Aeroparque at SJU just to do some spotting and wait "a que baje el tapon" , that the rush hour eases a bit.

Lately I noticed that the Aeroparque is closed, there is no notice regarding time of operations (at least none that I am able to see), and tried to park near the turn around bridge just to be scare away by the cops. Also, the new shots from SJU added to the database are from a different angle (may be the Embassy Suites  Wink ?).

So this question is for you the usual spotters at SJU, Is Aeroparque closed for good? If so any reason? Security, Economics?

Thanks guys