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SAA/SWISS New Codeshare Deal: 14 Routes

Fri May 04, 2007 2:08 pm

South African Airways and SWISS has entered codeshare agreement followed by SAA operating last flight to Zurich after 50 years on 29APR07. SAA now codeshares to Zurich on SWISS' flight, as well as the following.

South African Airways flight number appeared on SWISS':

Zurich - Johannesburg
Zurich - Vienna
Zurich - Geneva
Zurich - Barcelona
Zurich - Madrid
Zurich - Rome
Zurich - Warsaw
Zurich - Brussels
Zurich - Prague
Zurich - Stockholm

SWISS' flight number on SAA's flight to/from Johannesburg and:
Port Elizabeth
Cape Town
1000 - 01MAR07 | http://airlineroute.blogspot.com/