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Last Will And Testement...

Wed Aug 02, 2000 12:29 pm

Dearest Friends,

On August the 18th of the year 2000 I will be beginning a 3-leg flight to Fairbanks, Alaska.
The first leg of my flight shall be upon a Northwest Airlines DC-9-30. The second shall be upon a Northwest Airlines DC-10, though I dare not ask what version. The conclusive leg shall be upon an Alaska Airlines MD-80. As I have expressed in the past, I am immensley lacking in fondness for said jets. I have, however, upon discovering the safety records of the DC-9 family and derivatives, and upon risking my life with the recently discussed NW DC-10s decided to take this chance.

I therefor commit my memory to thy trust in respect of the suspect within my heart of not surviving this travel. Three consecutive McDonnell Douglas jets... I don't know what I shall do.

I will take several very nice photographs of the interiors of these jets so that, when my camera is found, my last art may be remembered. I generously give these photographs to thee - Airliners.Net members.

Cross thy fingers for me, and hope that I survive to endulge myself in the return trip:
737-700 - YAHOO!
757-200 - NOT BAD!

With thanks,

-Mark Jacobs