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Why Build The 747x

Wed Aug 02, 2000 12:59 pm

Why would they build the 747-x if the 777 has the same range and same capacity and cost less to operate.


Wed Aug 02, 2000 1:28 pm

The 747X will have more capacity than the 777. It will also have a greater range and will cost less to operate than 744.


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RE: Why Build The 747x

Wed Aug 02, 2000 8:50 pm

Didn´t Boeing predict better seatmile-costs on the 747X compared to the 777? Also the 777 is considerably smaller, if you open your eyes you´ll see that.

RE: Why Build The 747x

Thu Aug 03, 2000 1:25 am

The only reason boeing is looking at the 747x is because airbus is building the a3xx. They would be crazy to miss this opportunity! They cant let airbus have the WHOLE market on such a big jet! In a nutshell, what they are thinking is "If we dont do something to counteract the a3xx, we will be losing alot of money". Boeing was pressed into developing the 747x because of airbus. A while back, boeing shelved this project sighting that "this much capacity was not needed in the current economy". The main reason that this aircraft is being developed is to compete with airbus and to keep the #1 spot at the top.