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<News>China Guilin Airport May Face Closure

Wed Aug 02, 2000 3:46 pm

The China National Civil Aviation Bureau (translate) announced that they will cut the subsidy for those airports who get lost for years in 2000. The Civil used Guilin Airport may face closure for she had a big lose.

As now the regional airlines in China won't get any subsidy from China Government, some airport like Guilin have fewer and fewer airlines to fly for because lack of passengers. Recently Guilin Airport just has 3 schedule flight to BeiJing, ShangHai and GuangZhou, but they are always just 40% full.

Guilin Airport was built in 1988 by the Guilin Local Government, and started her services since 1991, it brings up the develpoment in Guilin.

The Guilin Local Government pay serious attention for the Airport, and now us trying their best to make more airlines to fly to Guilin, to keep the heart of Guilin.
(translated from cyberdaily, Hong Kong)