I Am Very Excited...

Thu Aug 03, 2000 12:12 am

Hello all of you aviation enthusiasts.

I am very excited today because I heard wonderful news about travel to the Dominicnan Republic. The new Tourism Officer for the DR negotiated with United, US Air and Delta for them to fly to this destination from the US. I think United will be flying from Chicago, US Air from Philadelphia and Delta from JFK.

I just have to say that the reason why I am excited is because American dominated this market for a very long time. We're talking at least 5 or 6 years. Now we have TWA and Continental flying there. Before it was very difficult to travel there because of only one airline flying there.

Now here are some questions?

1. Have you been to the DR? (and if so did you like it?)
2. What aircraft models do you think United, US Air and Delta will be flying to this destination? (AA does it with 763ERs & A300-600s, Continental 737-700 & 800s, TWA 757-200s 767-200s).

Thank you all in advance for you responses.