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Saudi Arabian Airlines To Expand Fleet

Wed May 16, 2007 7:29 am

Saudi Arabian Airlines is to buy up to 60 new aircraft.

Most probably Airbus 320 will be the choice for their short to medium range fleet after long studies.
Also they are choosing between the Airbus 330, 350, Boeing 787 & 747-800 for their long range fleet.

The airline also confirmed that it is to establish a low cost carrier within the Saudi Arabian Group.

On the other hand, Saudi Arabian airlines is enhancing its network to Europe with new flights to London reaching 12 non-stop weekly flights, of which 5 are on the Riyadh-London route, and 7 between Jeddah and London. Also, the airline is planning to operate 2 weekly flights to Munich, another 2 weekly to Vienna, and 2 weekly to Athena, 3 weekly to Frankfurt, 2 weekly to Madrid and 7 weekly flights to Paris.

Moreover, Saudi Arabian airlines is to operate 4 weekly direct flights to New York and Washington, of which one weekly flight is between New York and Jeddah, another weekly between New York and Riyadh and 2 weekly flights to Washington; one from Riyadh and one from Jeddah.

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