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How Many 737-700's With SCD?

Sat May 19, 2007 10:30 pm


Today I was spotting a bit in LIS airport...Saturday is THE DAY were we can see TAAG flying their 737-700 flight from LAD to LIS via S. Tomé Island, I think they fly at least another day during the week but Saturday is weekend and we have plenty of time to see it. It is not the first time I saw it but when it came to line up with the runway I noticed that D2-TBJ is actually a 737-700 with SCD ( side cargo door ), a C or eventuallt a QC ( quick change ) version....and I started to think how many 737NG have been built with this option? I know that US Navy is using that but do we have any civil operator besides TAAG that is using this version?
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