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Spotting At Chicago Ohare?

Sat Aug 05, 2000 3:06 am

Can anyone give me advice on best places, times, and directions for spotting at ORD both inside and outside the terminals.

Thanks in advance.
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RE: Spotting At Chicago Ohare?

Sat Aug 05, 2000 8:59 am

Hi I'm Ben,
I wouldn't be able to help you about spotting at O'Hare from outside the airport because I rarely leave O'Hare when I'm in Chicago but I know the airport like my pocket. I always go through O'Hare on each trip when I fly American to and from Brussels.
From Terminal 3, American's terminal, you can have great views of aircrafts taxiing, taking off and landing on RWY 09R/27L and 22L/04R. O'Hare is busy all day long, you will see mostly American and United aircrafts. Also from Terminal 1, United's terminal, you can spot various aircrafts movements on RWY 09R/27L and 32L/14R, the airport's longest runway. Sometimes at the end of the day, if the runway in use for landing is 04R, you may see as many as six aircrafs lined up one behing the other on approach for landing! It's unbeleivable. I always enjoy spending time at O'Hare, and it's a beautiful airport.
Enjoy it!  

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RE: Spotting At Chicago Ohare?

Sat Aug 05, 2000 9:06 am

HEY! I live in Chicago. On my website i have a Chicago Airport spotting guide, you can print it out. It is on this page.


enjoy ORD!

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RE: Spotting At Chicago Ohare?

Sat Aug 05, 2000 4:42 pm

I already responded directly to TWA902fly, but wanted to let you know that ORD's RWY 18/36 is for the most part closed. It has been for years, it's short and it's a single rwy, whereas the other rwys have parallels. It hasn't been officially closed (with yellow X's), but the ATIS lists it as closed everyday.

Another spot he didn't mention on his site is Mannheim Road. Mannheim is a N/S street on the eastern border of the field. If you go to Mannheim just north of Lawrence Ave., you can see a/c landing on 27L at only 150-200 AGL (approx.). It's mostly twin-jets (DC-9's. MD-80's, 737's, 57's, 67's, F100's), Also other heavies (not as much)and Airbuses too. Enjoy ORD and Chicago.

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