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NW Flight Attendants Ratify Agreement

Wed May 30, 2007 8:54 am

NWA flight attendants today ratified the third tentative agreement since Spring of 2006. The vote was 50% yes to 49% no.
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RE: NW Flight Attendants Ratify Agreement

Wed May 30, 2007 9:26 am

Here is a fully copy of the announcement:

Special Hotline

NWA Flight Attendants Vote In Tentative Agreement

Today, at 3:30 (EDT) voting ended on Tentative Agreement Number 3 with the result of 2966 (50.89 percent) voting for the agreement and 2862 (49.11 percent) voting to reject it. 6442 flight attendants were eligible to vote and 90.5 percent of that number voted. 484 ballots were voided.

“By no means is this concessionary agreement acceptable to our members,” said NWA AFA-CWA President Jay Hong, “but considering the difficulties we’ve encountered with the National Mediation Board, the White House, the courts and the impossible negotiations posture of Northwest Airlines, the majority of our members have said today that this agreement represents the best we could do under the anti-worker conditions we found ourselves negotiating in. We will continue to rebuild and fight for a better contract in the future.”

After a year of consistent operating profits, Northwest is hundreds of millions of dollars ahead of the business plan on which management based their demand for labor concessions. The union has attacked excessive executive compensation – particularly the $26.6 million package awarded to CEO Doug Steenland – as unjustified and unfair in a time of drastic cuts to employee wages and benefits.

On Wednesday, May 30, join us at the Minnesota State Capitol to protest excessive executive compensation and the growing pay disparity between company executives and employees. The rally, which will be joined by Northwest pilots and other workers, will be from noon to 2:00 p.m.

“Across America families are working more, going home with less in their pockets and are paying out more while mediocre executives are rewarded for running companies into bankruptcy,” said NWA AFA-CWA Vice President Andy Wisbacher, “But make no mistake; we may be fatigued, stressed and disillusioned, but we are the majority and will win this fight against injustice in the workplace.”