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My Tribute To This DC-6.

Wed May 30, 2007 5:10 pm


Take a look to this photo................

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Photo © Ted Quackenbush

I was looking to some old fire-fighter airliners when I saw that good old Tail Number 68/N90739 was scrapped last 16th. May 2007. This airplane was a "very good friend" of mine during my time in FAT, back to 2003. In that fire-fighting season Tail 68 flew a lot from that airport and it was an incredible sight to see, with other C-54 Skymasters, P2V5 Neptunes, DC-7's and P-3A Orions. But this DC-6 was special to me, first of all because it was the Six there, second - and that was probably the most amazing thing - was the fact that this airplane was a straight Six, shorter than the later A/B versions! So every time I saw it landing or taking-off from FAT I delighted myself looking and looking to that very old airplane. I kinda checked the past of this DC-6 and here are some highlights:

Delivery date - 1947/10/10 ( it almost achieved 60 years old...very close, pitty! )
Airline: AA, "Flagship Georgia" and latter "Flagship Akron"
Sold out: To F. B. Ayer on 1966/11/17 after 19 years of faithfull service with AA
Airframe number: 84th. DC-6 built

I checked out and found that this DC-6 was the OLDEST DC-6 IN THE WORLD in flyable condition before scrapped. Sadly it's gonne for here is my humble tribute and I'm very glad I had the chance to see him a lot!!!
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