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Status Of BGR?

Wed May 30, 2007 5:10 pm

Hello, as this is only my second post on a.net, I apologize for any inconvenience/inaccuracies.

I work at a summer camp near Bangor, Maine, and I was wondering about any future plans for the airport. I am aware that it is frequently used by the US Army/subsidiaries as a refueling point. But my main concern is the economic impact of the airport and is there any possibility of expansion?


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RE: Status Of BGR?

Wed May 30, 2007 7:04 pm

You're right that Bangor is an important intermediate stop for troop charters going to or coming from Europe. In fact, even though these MD-11s and DC-10s come through in the middle of the night (mostly), volunteers are always there to make the troops feel appreciated...give them a meal, use of cell phones, PCs for web/e-mail, and so on. It's a legacy that Bangor will always have, and it's richly deserved.

As for normal airline traffic, I'd say the way to put it is: What you see is what you get. Airlines are ratcheting down service at numerous airports around the country...either in the form of fewer flights or smaller planes. All of this in the name of reducing supply so demand will skyrocket...including air fares. Bangor probably has sufficient air service now, and I would be amazed if you saw any increase. Like Portland, Bangor will also peak during the summer months.

Chris in NH