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Screen Savers

Fri Nov 13, 1998 10:44 pm

I was just wondering if you guys had any interesting airline related screen savers. Of the ones I've found, my favorites are the Airbus Cockpit & the Airbus screensaver. If you have one that you enjoy please let me know.


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RE: Screen Savers

Sat Nov 14, 1998 2:29 am

I like the BAX global sceen saver! go to www.air-online.com
it's under the multimedia catagory!
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RE: Screen Savers

Sat Nov 14, 1998 3:47 am

If you visit Boeing web sites, you will find
different kinds of screensaver sets.
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RE: Screen Savers

Sat Nov 14, 1998 6:30 am

KLM has a good KLM/Northwest B747 one.
The AirUK site had a good F100 one but I am not sure if it is still abailable.
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RE: Screen Savers

Sat Nov 14, 1998 6:13 pm

I think the British Midlands website has a free screensaver available but I'm not sure what it's like.