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Delta Shuttle 737-800 Visits MSY

Sat Aug 05, 2000 12:09 pm

We had a brand spanking new Delta Shuttle 737-800 visit New Orleans Int'l yesterday. N395DN was operating an MSY-CVG flight as an equipment substitution. According to the pilot, the a/c was only 2 weeks old. He also advised that the aircraft will pretty much fly the BOS-LGA-DCA shuttle flights in the future.

Also, Vanguard began 2 daily flights to MCI this past Monday. 105 people flew the inaugural flight to MCI, almost half of them travel agents, and others on a freebie flight.

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RE: Delta Shuttle 737-800 Visits MSY

Sun Aug 06, 2000 1:20 am

I can't wait to fly on that bird and to see it at BOS.

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RE: Delta Shuttle 737-800 Visits MSY

Sun Aug 06, 2000 1:45 am

I was fortunate enough to see it in Boston last Tuesday. Unfortunately it was drizzly, and foggy so I couldn't see it that well. It has the typical new Delta tail and has the large "Delta" and the widget, but in a lighter grey it says "Shuttle". The fuselage looks almos the same as the Old-new colours, but the tail looks a lot better.

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RE: Delta Shuttle 737-800 Visits MSY

Sun Aug 06, 2000 1:21 pm

Well y'all...just flew home back to PHL tonight from Atlanta. Well anyways, my flight left from A-13 and in A-11 there was the brand-new Delta Shuttle Boeing 737-800 flying a flight down to Orlando. So im guessing its not in Shuttle operation yet until the airplane(s) it is/are flying for come back into mainline DL service.
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