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Legal Manouvering After KQ Crash

Sat Jun 09, 2007 11:13 pm

Its exactly one Month since a KQ 737 crashed just outside Doula, Cameroon. Lawyers are now waking up !


Initial conjecture has centered on several possible causes: the 737's two engines flaming out due to the torrential downpour, a single engine failure with the crew mistakenly closing down the good engine, or other human error. The crash is the first for Kenya Airways in seven years; its last crash, also in Western Africa, claimed 169 lives in January 2000.
The Legal Rights of Families Whose Loved Ones Die in Airplane Disasters
We appreciate that this is a time of deep pain and grieving for the spouses, children and families of the passengers and crew who died in the Kenya Airways crash.
As time passes, you may have questions concerning how and why the crash occurred, your legal rights, compensation that is available to you, and the duties and legal responsibility of the airplane operator and manufacturer.
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