USA market for concorde

Tue Mar 02, 1999 10:46 pm

Besides sound restrictions, do you think the concorde would have a market potencial in the US? Do you think a daily flight between New York and Los Angeles (for example) would be profitable?

Which other daily routes, besides JFK-Heathrow-Paris, could make the concorde a profitable aircraft (if any!)?
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RE: USA market for concorde

Wed Mar 03, 1999 1:17 am

JFK-LAX and JFK -SFO can be potentially profitable routes within the US. I think supersonic flights among Singapore, HK and Tokyo are also plausible.
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RE: USA market for concorde

Wed Mar 03, 1999 4:12 am

This is not about USA market but has to do with Concorde.

Acording to this article, the Concorde will be flying through 2007, then each jet will undergo a massive overhaul which is expected to extend its life through 2015. After that, furture overhauls could extend its life by another 15 years. Also Boeing has withdrawn from supersonic R & D groups citing the "daunting cost of developing a replacement".

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RE: USA market for concorde

Wed Mar 03, 1999 7:02 am

Flying the Concorde on routes such as LAX-JFK would be a waste, since they can't fly supersonic above land without creating a sonic boom, which would really annoy everyone on the ground. The only chance for a Concorde on a US domestic route would be something to Honolulu, but since that market is mostly tourists, nobody's going to pay high enough fares to make it profitable.

sonic boom

Wed Mar 03, 1999 7:06 am

What exactly does it sound like from the ground. If a concorde were to make a sonic boom over land what exactly would the people on the ground be experiancing?

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RE: Concorde Sonic Boom Fly-Zone

Wed Mar 03, 1999 7:32 am

I think that the Concorde can fly on land only over tundras and desserts.