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BA GPS In-flight

Tue Aug 08, 2000 3:40 am

I am soon flying BA to Sydney and have heard that some airlines allow you to use a GPS, it would be interesting to take mine with me on board, but is it worth it, and can it screw up the avionics?
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RE: BA GPS In-flight

Tue Aug 08, 2000 3:44 am

I've never had any trouble using mine in flight. American Airlines doesn't specifically prohibit it in their list of unapproved electronic devices, and nobody has ever asked me to turn it off in flight. I have used it on many flights with AA since getting it in December, ranging from flights as short as ORD-IND to flights as long as MIA-LAX. I'm planning on using it this afternoon, too, as I head from LAX-BOS. It's especially great if you're in a seat with a power port, because those GPS's use too much battery power on a long flight!
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RE: BA GPS In-flight

Tue Aug 08, 2000 4:28 am

I have heard that it's best to ask. If, in the unlikely event it is suspected of causing some problem, the flight crew know and can ask you to turn it off.

I have used mine on a number of flights, mostly on UA and have always asked, and once the captain came back and spoke with me (on a 744 flight from SFO-SYD) and we had quite a nice chat.

I've never been told no, so it doesn't hurt to ask (and you might get to talk to the captain)



RE: BA GPS In-flight

Tue Aug 08, 2000 5:30 am

Don't forget BA encourage people to visit the flightdeck, so pop in for a chat during the night.
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RE: BA GPS In-flight

Tue Aug 08, 2000 10:28 am

depending on what plane you get you might find that the PTV will have a moving map, with all GPS info on, plus airspeed, wind, altitude etc etc.

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