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A330-200 Vs. 763,777

Wed Aug 09, 2000 6:25 am

what are the differences between the A332 and the 767 or 777? which plane holds more people,can fly further etc, and which plane would you rather choose?
just curious,
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RE: A330-200 Vs. 763,777

Wed Aug 09, 2000 6:55 am

It depends on the layout that the airlines have them in but on average the B777 has a larger capacity than the A330 and has a longer range . I think the 763 and the 330 have roughly the same capacity and range . In my opinion i think that i would rather fly the B777 because i think they are a great aircraft. Hope that helps a little.
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RE: A330-200 Vs. 763,777

Wed Aug 09, 2000 6:56 am

To compare 2 airplanes from 2 different manufacturers you should establish a criteria, i.e. range, pasenger capacity, or MTOW. The passenger capacity, however is much dependent on the airline's configuration and can vary greatly on the same aircraft. (JAL's 744Ds can hold up to 568 people compared to about 400 on standard 3-class configuration).

To make a fair comparisson you should concentrated on competing models with similar range/capacity that are usually used on similar routes. It will be fair to say that the A330-300 competes with 777-200A (not-ER model), while the A330-200 competes with the 767-400ER/ERX. A smaller derivative, the A 330-500 would compete with the 767-300ER/ERX.
If you are interested in numbers, you can find them on either manufacturer's site.