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Help Please - Changing Terminals At PER

Thu Jun 28, 2007 5:41 am

Calling all frequent flyers through Perth!

I'm arriving into PER Terminal 2 at 0210 on a saturday on QF1031 from CNS and leaving about 4 hours later at 0615 from Terminal 3/ex-Ansett terminal to Shark Bay on Skywest.

Could anyone out there give me some advice on terminal transfers (how it works, how long it takes, whether it operates all night etc.) and if there are any facilities open at that time of day in either terminal?

I've been trying the airport website today but with no success and the info on the Qantas site isn't too comprehensive. Apologies if this has been raised here already - a search only came up with thread 'Why is PER so bad?' which doesn't bode well!

Grateful for any advice you can offer.
Thanks a million,

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