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Is There Still Market For Small Regional Airlines?

Sat Jun 30, 2007 3:45 am

Once you analyse the current trends in aviation ,I wonder what are the chances for typical small to medium sized regional airlines in Europe.
The pressure to offer low and lower fares is becoming a serious hurdle for smaller airlines,which are incapable to fill daily 737's or A320 loads of passengers between secondary airports.The 30-70 seater market not tied into a larger networking-carrier-has it still room to survive ?
Personally I think there is still hope for smaller carriers which are not part of an alliance-since non-stop flights by-passing large hubs will always be required.But the seat-mile cost's will become more and more an issue,since operating costs for small aircraft are inevitably higher per passenger -seat than on large aircraft.
Are there any a.netters working for small carriers ?
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