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Wed Mar 03, 1999 12:18 pm

Has any airline ever has SNA as a hub? ** what would be the good/bad things about SNA as a hub?**
Thanks in advance
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Wed Mar 03, 1999 1:32 pm

I don't think they have ever used it as a hub. Some airlines may have had a lot of flights from their but never used it as a hub. It isn't located in an ideal location. It is in southern California and the only conceivable reason to make it a hub would be for connections to the Pacific rim and SNA will most likely never have that opportunity. It is too small and the noise restrictions wouldn't allow it.
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Wed Mar 03, 1999 1:50 pm

AirCal used SNA as their hub (hence the IATA code OC, for Orange County, used by AirCal). For a history of AirCal, see
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Wed Mar 03, 1999 2:14 pm

John-Wayne / Orange County Airport is too small to be used for a hub. But it is probally the best alternative airport in the country. But if the new bigger Orange County Airport is built I am sure Alaska Airlines, United Airlines or Delta Airlines will make a hub there. But I would like to see Continental Airlines make a hub in the West Coast espically in Southern California or Orange County.

If the John Wayne Airport does become a hub for any airline I think it would be Alaska Airlines making a hub there. Los Angeles International Airport is already a mini-hub for United Airlines. But I think soon some airlines will start international service with Boeing 767-200 from Orange County. But I can't until the new airport is built.

Farhan Ali. Newport Beach, California