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WaPo: Boeing May Invest In Mitsubishi RJ

Thu Jul 05, 2007 3:50 pm

Brief fair use excerpt from The Washington Post:

TOKYO (Reuters) - Boeing Co. (BA.N) may invest in Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Ltd's (7011.T) project to build Japan's first passenger jetliner, the Asahi newspaper reported on Wednesday.


Boeing, which dominates commercial jet sales in Japan, places much strategic importance on maintaining its close ties with Japanese aircraft parts manufacturers and airlines.

Mitsubishi Heavy, the nation's biggest machinery maker, is one of the key suppliers for Boeing's new 787 Dreamliner.

The Asahi said Mitsubishi Heavy was now in talks with Boeing that include financing, quoting Nobuo Toda, head of the company's aerospace division.


Between 10 to 20 carriers visited Mitsubishi Heavy's display at the Paris air show in June, with U.S. and European firms showing strong interest, he also said.

The jet will come in 72-seat and 92-seat versions and is part of a larger effort by Japan to develop aircraft that are more fuel efficient and make less noise.


Sounds as if BCA is looking to use this offering (which AvWeek described as a monolithic CFRP barrel offering, sort of a Y0.5) to fill out their product line and combat Embraer and Bombardier. It also would place them in competition with OAK Sukhoi.

Original link: Boeing may invest in Japan's Mitsubishi jet: report (WaPo/Reuters)

Also: MHI, Boeing may cooperate on 70- to 90-seat jetliner project (Japan Times/Bloomberg)

Boeing considers investment in Mitsubishi Heavy plane project (Dow Jones)

Mitsubishi Spec To Rival Embraer, Bombardier RJs (AvWeek)

Japanese Subsidy Plan Backs Mitsubishi Large RJ (AvWeek)

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RE: WaPo: Boeing May Invest In Mitsubishi RJ

Thu Jul 05, 2007 7:16 pm

Might not be a bad idea for Boeing to help Mitsubishi in the sub-100 seat market to improve their experience in helping Boeing in the over-100 seat market with Y1/737RS.