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Do All Planes Go Through A Airlines Hub?

Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:03 pm

Maintenance question here, in the course of a week or maybe even a few days. How often would you say all planes are scheduled through a main hub. I.e YYZ with AC, or ATL with Delta. I would assume that with the huge fleets that these airlines have that many planes would never go through these large hubs, and would be doing P2P on the west coast or elsewhere.

This was a heated debate this evening at dinner. I maintain that this is improbable as NW, CO and UA all hav fleets based in Asia...

Anythoughts would be great!

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RE: Do All Planes Go Through A Airlines Hub?

Sun Jul 08, 2007 12:09 pm

UA doesn't have any planes based in Asia. The 747s and 777s that do the intra-Asian legs often carry on to US cities.

NW has 757s in NRT that do not fly to the US. Same with CO's 737-800s based at GUM.

Even domestically, it doesn't happen. Delta doesn't send the MD-90s to ATL; American doesn't send the MD-80s to MIA or 737-800s to ORD; Northwest doesn't send A330-200s to DTW or AMS (the only A332s to cross the Atlantic are from SEA and MEM).
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RE: Do All Planes Go Through A Airlines Hub?

Sun Jul 08, 2007 11:54 pm

BA has a fleet of RJ100s that have never visited LHR. They are based in EDI and effectively operate out off LCY.

BA also have a fleet of 733, 734 and 735 aircraft based at LGW. The 734s have operated out of their LHR hub many years ago. However the only time the 733s and 735s have ever visited LHR was to be repainted at the BA LHR paint shop. I believe that for all but one of these aircraft the total number of LHR visits is one.

BA also have a fleet of 772s based at LGW. Four have their cabins configured for higher density tourist routes like LGW-MCO. These aircraft rarely if ever visit LHR with major maintenance being carried out at CWL. The others visit LHR occasionally but there could be years between visits.