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New Routes To The Colombian North Coast From Cali

Mon Jul 09, 2007 11:33 am

Avianca launched in June its new daily nonstop service from Cali to Barranquilla in Fokker 100, departing at 6:20 am and returning at 18:55.

Aerorepublica also recently started Cali - Santa Marta nonstop service, three times per week. The flight will leave at 13:46 and return at 15:36.

These new routes along with the Cali - Cartagena - San Andres (5x) started by Avianca a year and a half ago, finally provide the long awaited non-stop service to the main cities of the north coast from Cali.

Since it seems Avianca is somehow "dehubbing" (please note the quotations´) it would also be good for Avianca to consider an international service such as Cali - Medellin - Caracas, specially now that Aeropostal will stop service to Medellin. I´m sure it will be as succesful as its CLO - MDE - JFK service, and it would prevent another airline (either colombian or venezuelan) to enter those markets....
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RE: New Routes To The Colombian North Coast From Cali

Tue Jul 10, 2007 3:40 am

Quoting Clo1973 (Thread starter):
Since it seems Avianca is somehow "dehubbing"

Avianca is everything but de-hubbing, remeber that the Synergy group´s strategy is to make BOG a top hub in Latin America. The couple of point-to-pont flights that have been launched from CLO and MDE are b/c either it was absurd to connect in BOG (like MDE-AUA, why go MDE-BOG-AUA) or b/c BOG needs decongestion and the market was crying out for it (in the case of CLO-The Coast), just don´t expect to see CLO-CCS, PTY, LIM, FLL, b/c it probably won´t happen.