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SkyWest moving closer to UAL's side

Wed Mar 03, 1999 3:37 pm

The rumor of the night from one of my sources
says that SkyWest is moving closer to an
agrement with UAL as there excluisive commuter
airline in the west and SkyWest would move
from SLC to Denver. I thought they were going to
move to LAX, oh well. We will see what going to
happen. This is just a rumor but it makes sence.
What do you guys think? I thought Air Wisconson
was going to move to Denver. What happened to

RE: SkyWest moving closer to UAL's side

Thu Mar 04, 1999 5:16 am

SkyWest is the exclusive commuter airline here on the west coast for UA, and yes soon to be in Denver. April 4th will be closing day for Delta Connection in LA. But we will remain Delta Connection out of SLC, I really can't forsee us moving out of SLC. I've heard the rumors too, but i don't believe it will be a reality. They've been very good to Skywest over the years, and it's not a relationship that will be broken easily. Besides that Delta brings in quite a bit of money in the northern region, the only reason why we've ceased operations with them here in the southern region is so we can move the planes to the money maker here, United.