Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 1:16 pm

I would like to hear everyones opinions on US Airways. I am planning to fly with them from Toronto to Ft.Lauderdale next Wednesday. I am connecting flights in Charlotte North Carolina. I am taking a 737-400 to Charlotte and a 757-200 to Ft.Lauderdale. Is there a extra charge to upgrade to first class?


RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 1:21 pm

USAirways is my fav airline, and I haven't had any bad problems with them. As for upgrading to first class, that is available mainly on transcon routes at a full-fare coach ticket. However, there are some exceptions. I would call US Airways and ask them about that. good luck!!
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 1:21 pm

Good luck. I'm just glad to hear that you aren't flying on any DC-9s or 737-200s. Most of US Airways' older planes are filthy and in bad disrepair. The flight crews are rude and indifferent towards passenger needs. However, you will get to your destination. On the other hand, maybe they will lose your luggage.

But cheer up. This is what happens on a bad day. If its a good day at US, your service will be mediocre or okay. Happy flying!
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 1:33 pm

I dont like US airways much, mainly because i've been on better airliners, and therefore have higher standards
i once flew with them from Toronto to Pittsburgh then from Pitsburgh to Las Vegas,
the first flight wasn't bad, but the second one just had bad washrooms, they charged for headphones to watch the movie ($5.00 US and we had to give them back after)

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 2:39 pm

I have never had any problems that I had not expierenced on all the other airlines. Just about every flight I have been on with them in the past 5 years or so has been completly full, so it will be hard to upgrade. Have a good flight
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 8:39 pm

Is US Airways still alive?
Wasn't it bought by United?
Unfortunately in few months I won't be ble no more to see US Airways beautiful A330 landing in Rome, there will be only another flight from United
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 11:24 pm

Nice livery, great Airbus jets, lousy service standards, frequent delays, dirty airplanes. Although US Airways' problems are no different than those of other airlines, I don't believe they have turned the corner and probably will never do so.

Some flights are OK, others are a nightmare but in their favor, the hubs are quite efficient and easy to connect through (PIT and CLT in particular), and if you live in the East, it's hard to avoid 'em. Cabin crew are unhelpful and totally disinterested at best, sometimes pleasant, often downright rude and reflect the image of the airline overall.

I wouldn't avoid them at all costs, but would prefer to travel on Delta or Continental or American on routes where I have the choice to do so.

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Thu Aug 10, 2000 11:50 pm

Never had a problem with USAirways. The planes I've flown on (F100, 737-400, 737-200, MD-80 and DC-9's) were NOT dirty. As for the cabin crews - again, I've never had a problem with them. I would suggest using "the golden rule" (do unto others...etc) as a guideline to getting good service. The CLT hub sure beats the heck out of ATL or EWR. If you've got some time between flights, check out the rocking chairs in the main terminal!

All in all, they are no better or worse than any other US airline.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:08 am

You are bunch of hipocrits!!!! I have with USAirways FFP over 40.000 miles. Those are miles flown just on domestic flights. I've never been on any US B767 or A330. So imagine how much time I spent in those B737s F-100s A320s DC-9s B727s!!!! I have never had any bad experience with USAirways. Never lost laguage with US, never experienced rude service with US.
Well, United FA droped coffee cup on my pants, flights canceled, American Airlines damn rude service (ticket counters and skycaps), lost laguage, damaged laguage, missed my connecting flight because of AA, Delta lost laguage, poor service, dirty aircrafts.

Do you see????? I can also put many many more egzamples from my own flying experience.

United is the WORST airline I ever been on. I dont want this terrible airline to takeover such a grate USAirways.
Maybe US was not one of the best airline in 80's but right now they are way over average. United should learn from them if they wanna make average but I doubt that it will ever happend. They dont even know how to treat its employees!!!!!!!!
If you want happy customers you have to take care first of your employees, without them you will lose!


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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:30 am

I took about 8 segments with them this last year. I observed fine, effiecient service, but nothing to write home about and FRUMPY FLIGHT ATTENTDANTS.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:39 am

Air Canada is better by a long shot if you ask me. Since Florida is a leisure market, the First Class fare may not be totally outrageous. I don't blame you for wanting to sit 'up front'.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:49 am

Rafal, if you're calling those of us that have complaints about US Airways hippocrites, you're guilty too. After all, you've just said United is the worst airline, so based on your argument, you are a hippocrite too. You like US
Airways, that's great. But leave the personal attacks out. You can't attack
someone just because they don't like your airline!

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 1:10 am

I gave egzample what most of the people on this forum does.
220389 asked if he got any chances to get upgrade on US flight to FL. And I saw tread in your posts . I am deffending my airline. If you guys telling stories about how bad service is on US flights I gave you stories about UA.

Also I didnt like the word "dirty" aircraft.
I was cleaning those planes at night so first flight next day was on very clean aircraft. Of course after few segments that plane was looking like pig house, but not even one I reaped not even one airline can afford to clean airplanes during 30 minutes turnover. Two ramp agents just running thru the cabin and picking up the biggest piece of trash + they have to empty 4 or 5 big trash cans in the front and the back of aircraft.
If the bathroom is stinky I cant do anything about it during turnover. I can just empty the water tanks and blue fluid and fill them up with fresh stuff, but if people complain that front and the back of an aircraft is stinky thats passengers foult. They have a big hole where they supposed to pee, not on the floor. Domestic flights are not like trans-atlantic where ground crew has minimum 2hrs to clean an airplane.
You should see Metrojets after 4 segments to Florida from IAD. They were looking inside like battlefield after civil war. People just dont care. They pay not much for the ticket so they think that they can shit on the floor.
Also somebody posted that you are lucky and you not taking any DC-9s and B737-200s. Well some Canadian airline just bought 3 ex-USAir Boeings 737-200. They had to be in good shape if some startup airline was interested in them.

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 2:19 am

I would like to back up Lindy on this. ContinentalEWR, don't you have a very obvious bias? (Employees of the competitors usually don't have the best thing to say about the competition.) You've never said a good thing about US Airways which leads me to believe either you've been really unlucky, or you haven't flown US in the last 5-6 years.

Service is much better than average, seat pitch is better than average, the planes are not dirty, and you will find that the fleet age is much less than the average airline. I would suggest to the people who have criticized this airline to actually fly it sometime. You might be surprised.

Unfortunately for me, I've moved to California now, so my flight options on US will be very limited now.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 2:38 am

Well DLX, if you read one of my previous posts (including a trip report I filed a month ago) I flew US Airways to MIA via PIT from LGA and back, and from LGA to SAN and back, via PHL after not having flown them for over 5-6 years. They weren't that much better, in my opinion and my planes were dirty. There was food on the seat cushion and crumbs and spilled soda on the panel by the floor, as I was seated by the window on the 737-300 from MIA to PIT. Granted my delays weren't that bad and I always maintained in my posts that I wouldn't go out of my way to avoid them, I just think they have their ups and downs like all airlines. I also don't believe they've turned the corner on the service issues. I happen to like CO so yes, I guess that means I am biased, but I NEVER said or implied they were better than any other airline or above criticism.


RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 2:55 am

I used to fly US a lot, but haven't flown them for about a year (since my trip to England). I've been on most of the a/c in their fleet (B737-200/-300/-400, B757-200, B767-200ER, DC-9-30, F28-4000 (no longer used), F100, MD-81/-82), and while the newer ones tend to be very well maintained, the DC-9-30s and B737-200s are mediocre at best, and the MD-80s (which US obviously doesn't care much about) are downright horrible. I've had a wide variety of cabin crew experiences, from the extremely nice FC attendant on a CLT-LAX run two years ago ("Monty", I believe, but don't remember a last name- he looked a bit like Morgan Freeman), to a coach FA on the LGW-PHL flight who didn't really seem to care what the pax wanted. An 8-year old a few seats from me rang and asked for a drink, and the FA gave her a quick, rather rude, "We'll be around with breakfast in about three hours, and you can have a drink then." Gaaaaak!
Overall, I'd say you need not worry about funny odors or filthy floors on the jets you've got- 734s and 752s are very well-maintained by US. You should be fine in coach.
Now, if you were slated to fly on MD-81s, I would highly recommend making the move to First, as US just doesn't really care about those anymore.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 3:29 am

N-156F What you just said is bogus

Whats that supposed to mean:???
"Now, if you were slated to fly on MD-81s, I would highly recommend making the move to First, as US just doesn't really care about those anymore."

Thats radiculous what you said!!!

Conversation between Wolf and Gangwal:
W: How many MD-81s we still have?
G: Around 11 aircraft still in service.
W: They are old, just forget about them. We dont have to take care of them anymore, we have new aircraft so take care of, and forget MD-80s and B737-200s....

Man start thinking.

Yes they DO CARE about every single airplane in their fleet.
Maybe you dont know but companys logo is "Safety First", after those two crashes in early and mid 90s they concerning about passengers safety very much.
USAirways doesnt have mechanics at IAD, they contracting United mechanics to work on US equipment at IAD station.

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 3:55 am

Other than routine maintenance, they will make zero investment on the MD81 as this plane is slated to be retired from the fleet. They are horrible. They are filthy, the ventilation is poor, they cram the maximum number of pax allowed on this jet, the overhead lockers are inadequate. These planes belong in the scrap heap.


RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 5:49 am

Lindy- What I said is far from bogus. Would you like some accounts of US MD-80s that I've seen/flown on?
Saw one in ATL last week (though it might've been a DC-9- I couldn't tell for sure from my vantage point). The exterior condition of the a/c was laughable, with the paint scratched and scraping off in several places, and one side of the tail entirely blacked out with engine soot. That should be enough to let US know it's time to clean them right there.
I flew on one last summer from JAX-PHL. The interior of the aircraft was dirty (not just trash on the floor dirty- I mean run-down dirty, with stained seats, odd smells, and two mangled window shades), the ventilation system was pumping out extremely weird odors, my sister's reading light was burned out, and my vent was stuck in the open position, blowing cold air on me for the entire flight in a cabin which was already freezing cold.
I spoke with a friend of mine who flew US from JAX-PIT and back earlier this year, both times on MD-80s, and he described similar conditions on the interior, if not slightly worse. The bathroom on his flight had clearly not been cleaned for days, and the place smelled like a pig sty. Granted, lavatories are not supposed to smell like roses, but the odor isn't supposed to be like a brick wall that falls on you when you open the door to it.
Now, Lindy, did I ever say that US doesn't take care of its planes? No! The B733/4s, B752s, B762s, and F100s have been some of the cleanest planes I've ever had the chance to fly on! Did I ever say I wouldn't fly US again because its MD-80s are disgusting? Nope, in fact, I'm trying to talk my family into flying US to MSP later this year so I can hop on my first Airbus (to CLT, likely a 319). Did I ever say US doesn't care about the safety of its MD-80s? Not at all! US keeps its MD-80s in safe, flyable condition. My problem is that they don't do much else with them.
If you want my opinion, Lindy, I think you're taking this thread way too personally. There are those like D L X, who back US as an excellent airline, there are those like myself who think it's a nice airline with a few key flaws, and there are those like ContinentalEWR who clearly dislike it. Everyone's entitled to an opinion, and try not to drop to the level of personal attacks because theirs aren't in line with yours. No one's out to get you, we're just doing what the topic says to and posting our opinions of US Airways.

RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 5:58 am

US Scare became US Scareways...that's all
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I'll Let You All Know

Fri Aug 11, 2000 6:44 am

I am flying transcon on US Airways next week SEA-PIT-BOS and back. As an open-minded and neutral party having never flown US Air before, and not being an employee of any airline, I will evaluate my flight and let you all know what my impressions are. I am scheduled for Y Class travel on B757 and MD80 equipment and will pay special attention to appearance of the plane, attitude of personnel and on-time performance of the flights.

I have heard that flying in and out of BOS will be a chanllenge for on-time performance because of ATC delays related to very heavy summer traffic the "Land and Hold Short" maneuver that we have heard so much about. Have any of you been to BOS lately? How were the backups?

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 8:59 am

I last flew on US Despairways in February, on a trip from BOs-CSG (Columbus, GA). I was lucky enough to get a cheap fare on short notice - I was going for a family event. Unfortunately, the departure was Saturday morning of Presidents' Day weekend, and that is the first day of the winter vacation for students in Massachusetts. Not only that, but the weather in Boston that weekend was awful - snow, ice, etc.

My routing was BOS-DCA-CLT-CSG on the way down, CSG-CLT-BOS on the way up. I returned Monday, which wasn't as popular day to fly that holiday weekend. I figure the southbound routing was due to the fact that the BOS-DCA route is more of a business route than a leisure route - US runs a LOT of weekend specials on it, and since they don't have February school vacations in the DC area, the flights south from there weren't as heavily booked.

ANYWAY, with the poor weather in Boston, they cancelled the first two flights of the morning to DCA from BOS - it's part of the Shuttle service. I learned a lesson the hard way... NEVER book a flight on the shuttle if you need to make a connection at your destination. A USAirways Shuttle ticket does NOT guarantee you a seat on the flight you're booked on. And people scheduled for earlier flights get priority over you - i.e. the people on the cancelled 7 AM and 8 AM flights were assigned seats on the 9 AM flight aheaded of ticketed passengers on the 9 AM flight. You can probably guess I was ticked off.

The service I got from the gate agents - I went there first since I only had a carryon bag for the three-day trip - ranged from indifferent to downright rude. I wasn't the only person to make that observation - I overheard at least three conversations where people were complaining about poor service from the gate agents. Yes, there were many cancelled flights on a busy travel day. No, it's not excusable to take that out on passengers. They refused to assign me a seat on the flight I was ticketed on, so I went to the checkin in the terminal lobby, where the service was excellent. The agent there checked me in for the flight to DCA, for which I was greatly appreciative. When I walked back out to the shuttle gate (which is all the way out at the end of their concourse), they were still refusing to check in 9 AM passengers. Go figure. Can anyone say "coordination?"

Due to the weather in Boston, we got to DCA late, and I missed my connection. And, the flight from CLT-CSG was the last US flight to CSG of the day, since it was Saturday. So the ticket agent was nice and booked me to ATL, then from ATL to CSG on Delta. I was grateful - it was the first thing good to happen on an awful travel day. The flight to ATL was on an F100, and it was dirty and smelly. Not to mention the overhead bins were way too small. And the plane was very hot - even on a cold day in DC. US's new terminal facilities at DCA are quite nice, though.

The flight from ATL to CSG is sort of besides the point, since it was on DL Connection (ASA). From CSG to CLT was fine - just a small plane (a J31 operated by CCAir). I hadn't been to CLT since the days of Piedmont, so it was nice to see what the airport looks like now. And we had a good flight from CLT to BOS. It was an MD-80, I think, and it was in OK condition on the inside, in spite of being the last flight of the night. It fortunately was pretty empty.

So I guess my point is that I've received good and bad service from US Despairways. I'll NEVER fly their shuttle route again, and I'll probably avoid them in Boston because of their awful gate agents.


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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 9:33 am

The backups at BOS on this past Sunday were almost non-existent. However, allow extra time as it may take 30 minutes to get through the US check-in lines in the lobby.

The 737-200 I was on this past Sunday was the WORST looking aircraft I'd ever seen in my life. Outside the plane(old c/s), the rear wings looked like they were grafted on to the aircraft...there looked like there was a dent in the plane around this area. Also, engine soot covered the back of the plane's exterior. Inside almost every other overhead light was burned out, my air vent was stuck in the open position, lots of fasten seat belt lights were out, there were old boarding passes from previous flights littered on the floor, a few of the tray tables were broken, and the FA told me rudely they didn't have time to get me a drink of water or pop because the flight from PIT to DTW was too short, despite the pilot saying there would be service after the turbulence stopped.

As for why a Canadian start-up airline (WestJet) would buy ex-US 737-200s, its because they are properly maintained, not properly cleaned....and they are only to serve until the 737ng aircraft come on board in a few years....
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 9:34 am

Five crashes in five years
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 11:07 am


"The 737-200 I was on this past Sunday was the WORST looking aircraft I'd ever seen in my life. Outside the plane(old c/s), the rear wings looked like they were grafted on to the aircraft...there looked like there was a dent in the plane around this area. "

It was just your imagination that you saw a dent on the fuselage.

"there were old boarding passes from previous flights littered on the floor,"

Thats what I said before, airlines dont have time to clean airplanes in 30 minutes turnover.

" a few of the tray tables were broken,"

They will be fixed at night

" and the FA told me rudely they didn't have time to get me a drink of water or pop because the flight from PIT to DTW was too short,"

I dont understand this at all. What PIT or DTW have to do with your trip from BOS??? I think you just made it up.

"despite the pilot saying there would be service after the turbulence stopped."

Yes, thats what every single pilot would say if he would care about passengers and flight attendants.


I have experienced almost the same thing you had with US Shuttle.
Last year (close to thanksgiving) I was going visit my girlfriend in New York. I had ticket on flight DCA - LGA 9am. But first shuttle flight (7am that time, they had only B727 in Shuttle service so they couldnt fly earlier, now they have A320-214 so the first shuttle flight out of DCA is 6am) came back from the middle of the way to NYC because LaGuardia had terrible fog and the airport was closed. They said that they will start boarding aircraft again around 10am, so I went call my girlfriend that I'll be little late. Her mother told me that shes already at the airport waiting for me.
And then it started. US gate agents said "First come first serve"!! Hhehe
They said that they will first board people from 7am flight then 8am flight and then 9am. I was so lucky that I got seat.
Finally we took off around 10:30am. LaGuardia was so busy that we had to fly in the traffic pattern over PHL for almost 2hrs. FAs were running with pretzels chips and sodas like busy bees. Around 12:30 noon captain said that we will have to divert to EWR cause we are little bit short on the fuel and LaGuardia wont let us in for another 1 hour.
Half of the people on the plane was mad as hell, I dont blame them for that. Ok, around 1:30pm I walked out from the plane. FA said that shuttle bus will be provided for people who need to continue trip to LaGuardia.
I had no idea where to go and where to wait for the bus, so I went to the USAirways office next to the baggage claim. USAirways agent from that office had attitude. She gave me a look "what the hell he wants", I asked her where I should go for the bus, she was so damn rude, she said that she has other things to do then telling me where to go for a bus (or something like that) I just exploded, I said "You should be nice to me bitch" and I just walked away looking for the bus.
Finally around 3pm we start bording bus to LaGuardia. I tought that my girlfriend wont be at the airport anymore, that she doesnt wanna see me anymore etc. But when we got to the airport around 4pm she was still waiting for me. She was crying cause she tought that I dont wanna see her anymore (hehehe what a girl). When we got to her place it was already 5pm, so I had 4 hours to catch last flight to DCA, ( I had to be next day in DC   ) and only 3 hours to play with her.
My flight to DCA was without further problems, it was on time. I think we had onboard only 6 passengers, they were seating in the front and I was seating in the last row chatting with FAs.
Well, Monday I wrote complain letter to the USAirways customer service in Winston Salem. I bet it was the nicer complain letter they ever received. I was very nice to them and I gave them lots of BS, like I was late for the meeting, trip that should take approximetly one hour took 8 hours, that agents at EWR were mean and rude, that now my company will have to rethink if we will still fly with USAirways etc etc.
After one week I got appology letter with travel voucher for $***. I used that voucher paying for two tickets, one going back to LaGuardia and next going to BOS for lunch two weeks later. I had to pay like $8 difference.
And I'll tell you one thing. All shuttle flights were on very clean aircrafts.

USAirways, way to fly

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:32 pm

I dont know how many of you other than Lindy have ever worked in this industry but it appears that many of you dont know much about it. You must be careful what you ask for in life as you just might get it. The margins in the passenger side of this business hover around 3%. That puts it right down there with the fast food industry.

Everyone wants cheap fares and frequent service. With a margin of 3% you simply have to watch the cost of every single thing you do to turn a profit. One mistake and your in the red. With cheaper fares come more travelers and more flights. The results are greater delays, greater expenses, lower profits and greater customer frustration. On any airline you fly you will note that aircraft that are slated for retirement are shall we say, cosmetically challenged. This is due to that fact that there is absolutely no return on investment for these cosmetic items. Safety and reliabilty are the first priorities and must be taken care of.

I have worked in this industry for 15 years. I have done everything from cleaning toilets to flying the aircraft to arrive where I am today. No one is more saddened than I by the decline of the service standards in the industry. Passengers want more but they simply wont pay more to get it. Employees want to provide the service but are forced to cut too many corners to get the job done properly. The gate agents and flight attendants are forced to take it from both ends. Management works them like dogs, rarely says thanks and continually demands more. Customers dump on the first employee they see for anything and everything that may have ever gone wrong and again rarely say thanks or even notice a job well done. Its a wonder any of these people even come to work and yet the vast majority do so with pride and a smile each and every day.

The service standards on all domestic US carriers quite frankly suck. They do so because thats what the traveling public has asked for. With the notable exception of Midwest Express, every carrier that has tried to carve out a niche with first rate service has failed. They failed because when faced with choice of price or service, the travling public chose price. Midex succeeds only due to its strict adherance to serving primarily mid size communities with limited choices of airline services. There arent many of those niches around.

USAirways and Continental are two examples of old syle mainline carriers created out of a bunch of smaller old style carriers that have tried desperately to improve the quality of their services. CO has more to show for their effort primarily because they started sooner and had the protection of bankruptcy courts (twice) to assist in righting their ship. US has spent enormous amounts of money staying out of bankruptcy and attempting to return value to their shareholders without screwing them over in bankruptcy court. Their efforts are to be commended.

USAirways has ordered 400+ new Airbus jets for both international and domestic service. They have bestowed upon their employees the best contracts in the industry. They have developed the best connecting hubs by far in the US. In fact, they have one of the best systems of hubs in the world. These seeds will take time to fully develop, after all, Rome wasnt built in a day. There are still weeds to be pulled but considering where they were 5 years ago they have made tremendous progress and will continue to d so despite the occaisional bump in the road.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:57 pm

I have had some of my best flights on US Airways, I flew about 12 segments with them in 98 and they had excellent food and customer service. I choose not to fly them anymore cause my travels take me out west and to Hawaii and they have no Hawaii service and barely any west coast presence.
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RE: BOS Delays....

Fri Aug 11, 2000 4:21 pm

BOS has had many ATC delays...I was TWICE stuck/delayed overnite this year due to it!!

Be sure to call a few HOURS before flight as they may have already cancelled it so don't even go to airport...If I would have on July 10, I could have saved myself 2 2-hour bus rides and gotten use of the 8 hours I wasted!
Flight was cancelled 9 HOURS before departure.
On the other one, it was weather + ATC that did me in.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Fri Aug 11, 2000 5:32 pm

I was satisfied when I flew them last year from PHL to BDL. Though it was only a 36 minute ride I think, I liked it.
I flew on a 757-200.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Sat Aug 12, 2000 1:31 am

I think Mr. Novak is making a gross and inaccurate statement when he suggests that US DC-9s and 727-200s are dirty and in disrepair. No pilots worth their salt would fly unsafe aircraft. I have never noticed any US flights I've been on to be dirty. Any delays I have experienced were weather related, except for a Metrojet flight MCO-ALB delayed due to malfunctioning altimeter.
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Sat Aug 12, 2000 3:07 am


I am really appreciating the people that are backing up the airline, because on Monday I am flying US and I am looking so foward to it, here is my schedule

Monday August 14th 2000

FL 2163

FL 98

Saturday August 26 2000:

FL 127

FL ?

Hey Keep up the opinions and tell me how your transatlantic experiences on US Airways. Thanks.

An excited flyer!

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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Sat Aug 12, 2000 5:01 am

In regards to 220389's flights, I would be more hesitant about flying into Charlotte than flying on USAirways if he is flying in the afternoon/evening!! It's just one of those things that for whatever reason, the eastern US has been getting hammered with bad weather this year. No knock on CLT, as I really like the airport! I've had bad luck in Atlanta w/Delta this summer, too!! Weather-related delays this past summer have been at an all-time high, and I personally have gotten stuck in Charlotte overnight (3 times) and in DC (coming in late from Charlotte) this summer alone!

As for USAirways service - each time I've been "stranded", USAirways has taken care of me right away - besides being put up in some very nice hotels, they've given me dinner and breakfast vouchers as well as free taxis/shuttles back to the airport! Their agents have bent over backwards to get me back home, including putting me on other airlines! Not that I'm defending US, but I've been in the US Special Services line after a weather-related cancellation and have seen MORONS (aka fellow stranded travelers) screaming at the poor people - "you have a sh&%%y airline" "you suck" "I'll never fly US again", etc., when if these idiots simply would just look at the TV's tuned to CNN in the airport, they'd see all the storms creating all the cancellations/delays for ALL the airlines!!! As soon as I got to the counter, well, being nice surely gets you better service, a better shot at getting home (and a better hotel!!)

I know US's tight flight structure does not tolerate delays very well, but they will try their best to get you where you're going and will take care of you when things go bad!! As for their planes being "dirty", externally I agree that the reverse-thrust soot on 727-200 fuselages and DC-9 tails may be a little unsightly, but the planes fly just fine! As for cabin cleanliness, I've been on truly nasty planes from almost every carrier I have flown!

Enjoy your flights!!
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RE: Opinions On US Airways

Sat Aug 12, 2000 6:25 am

All my flights with USAirways have been fine. Nothing fancy...but no major problems. I like connecting through CLT...less chaos and less delays than ATL. All the planes I have been on were clean and the service was good. Although DL is still my favorite, I don't mind flying with US when I have the chance. However, if the merger between UA and US goes through, I will not fly United.

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