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Amon Carter Field (Ft. Worth)

Thu Aug 10, 2000 2:36 pm

Anyone out there have any pictures of the old Amon Carter Field (Greater Southwest International), or have an idea where I might find some?

It has to have been one of the nicest airports to never succeed, and i recall wandering around the terminal (still well-maintaied) during air shows outh ere late 60's-early 70's. It always looked like they were expecting all the passengers and employees to be back just any minute.
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RE: Amon Carter Field (Ft. Worth)

Thu Aug 10, 2000 3:10 pm

I think there's one or two pictures on one of the Braniff website that I posted in the Dallas Love Field thread, but they're shots of aircraft on the tarmac. I haven't seen any interior photos.

Sometime between 1976-1978, I drove out there one day to have a look. The terminal was all locked up, but there was an open window or something and somehow I got in. By that time, it was in sad shape.

The only things I can remember were seeing some old Braniff posters above the ticketing area (too high for me to reach or I would have stolen them, LOL I was a teenager) and some signage for AA in the old eagle design.

I also remember walking down one of the 2 concourses. It was two levels and I was on the second floor. There were escalators every so often that led to the lower level that pax would take to the first floor, then walk out onto the tarmac and board the plane. I remember ceiling tiles wre falling out and were all over the floor up and down that councourse. I'd love to see what it looked like in it's heyday.


RE: Amon Carter Field (Ft. Worth)

Thu Aug 10, 2000 11:10 pm

There are a few pictures if the book "From Prarie to Planes", mostly just ceremonial stuff though.
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RE: Amon Carter Field (Ft. Worth)

Fri Aug 11, 2000 12:18 am

Brian Lusk did a good article on it in the March/April (i believe) edition of Airways.