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Which Aircraft/Gates On These CX Routes?

Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:18 pm

I'll be travelling on CX 504 (HKG-NRT) on 15 JUL, CX 581 (CTS-HKG) on 21 JUL and CX 882 (HKG-LAX) on 27 JUL. I would like to know what gates would the planes leave/depart at HKG and the aircraft that are operating the routes. The above flights should be 744 routes. Any chance I can be on a 744 with newly refurbished seats? Seeing some of you here telling us which aircraft that is doing the route, is there anywhere on the web I can find out this information?


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RE: Which Aircraft On These Routes?

Thu Jul 12, 2007 2:29 pm

CX 504 HKG-NRT on 15 July is operated by a Boeing 747-400

CX 581 CTS-HKG on 21 July is operated by a Boeing 747-400

CX 882 HKG-LAX on 27 July is operated by a Boeing 747-400

Looks like you got a clean sweep, 744s all the way, but unfortunately I don't know if their is any way to tell whether or not you will get one with the refurbished seats.

I got all this info from the oneworld offline electronic timetable, quite a useful program, you can download it here:


Or you could probably find the aircarft information using the online oneworld website timetable which you can find at the link above as well.

Hope this helps you out!


I see your edits now, hmmm...

As for gates, that is a bit tougher, you will probably have to check the websites of the individual airports you are visiting and see if they list gates under the current flight that you will be taking for your trip. That might give you a general idea.

If that does not work, you should call Cathay Pacific, the would probably have the information.

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