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Wed Mar 03, 1999 11:27 pm

Now that the MD-11F production has ceased, what other options are there for a long-range freighter, besides the 747-400F? At the moment, the 747-400F has the monopoly on newly built longrange freighters, am I right? I guess the IL96T is no competition yet. And the 767 and A300 are much smaller. Other than that, it's second-hand and converted planes that are the only other option.
Why hasn't Airbus proposed an A340 freighter yet? It's even got a few fuselagelengths, so airlines can even choose the best capacity that suits them best, I think... Or Boeing with a 777F??


RE: A340F

Wed Mar 03, 1999 11:48 pm

I don't think the A340 is very well suited to be a freighter. It's maximum take off weight is lower then the MD-11's and it's fuselage is narrower. I think it has been designed from the start to just be an ultra long range efficient passenger airliner, a job which it does well; but when it comes to being a freighter, I don't think it is very well suited.
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RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 2:44 am

The A340 would not be a good freighter for all the reasons that MD-11 said. It is an ultra-long hauler airliner whose MTOW is not high at all.
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RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 4:12 am

MD-11 is right about the A340 not being a good basic seed aircraft for a freighter. This is the same problem Boeing is having with selling the 767 freighters. Right now other then conversions the only aircraft out there is the IL-96T. If Illyushian had been able to deliver the aircraft withing a year or two of announcing it I think it would have done allright in the market. But because of all the production delays I don't think that it will have much impact.

For most companies it is easier and quicker to purchase retired airliners and strip out the interiors anyway. Freight dosn't care how old the airplane is or how many stops it has to make.
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RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 7:31 am

MD-11 production has not yet ceased...

RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 8:01 am

That's a good point of course flyf15, MD-11 production will still be continuing for about a year.
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RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 8:44 am

Will Boeing keep at least the MD-11F in production?
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RE: A340F

Thu Mar 04, 1999 5:53 pm

I think the A340 is a superb long range passenger-airplane for ultra long routes not generating the loads for 747s. However, I doubt that it would be a superior freighter. As far as I know, Boeing has commited itself to closing the MD-11 production line, even for freighters. This is one of the most foolish decisions Boeing has ever made as the MD-11F still as a high market potential. This decision has been highly critisised by LH Cargo boss Althen, for example. As you all know LH Cargo is one of the major MD-11F operators.
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According to Flight international..

Fri Mar 05, 1999 2:10 am

According to Flight International a while back, Airbus was planing to build an aircraft similar to the A300-600ST, but for the A340 to carry the biger fuselage of a A3XX, I also think it said that Volga dneper was very interested in the aircraft. I think they also increased the MTOW of the aircraft.


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