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More Efficient Sleeper Seats Possible?

Thu Jul 19, 2007 8:56 am

Looking at the pilot rest area bunk on this plane makes me wonder if it is possible to create a more efficient sleep area, that isn't first class but packs almost as many people in as long-haul planes now hold, but allow beds for all or most. While stacking bunks is probably not first class worthy, passenger acceptance for an economy flight seems reasonable. Think Oasis flying long-haul and able to offer beds to everyone. Since all the motors wouldn't be needed for permanent bunks now used for moving current first class and business class seats into bed mode, the bunks could also be very light.

Clearly some issues would need to be resolved, such as where the passengers sit for takeoffs and landing. But maybe this will be like a train with fold down triple bunks only when sleeping. The logistics of putting the bunks down could be reasonably easily worked out, so there is no confusion with your bunk-mates, by having pre-arranged sleeping times, unassigned bunks and seats that are converted based on demand and not by assigned seat, etc.

Any thoughts? What do you think? What are the issues?