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New Planes, Old Rego's

Thu Jul 26, 2007 11:29 pm

Yes, similar threads have been done before... but here goes.

Was at Moorabbin Airport, a GA airport in Melbourne, Australia a few days back having a squiz around. Noticed some interesting rego's on some 'light' aircraft.

VH-TAE, TAU & TAX on some PA-28's.... of course these were regularly used rego's for TAA/Qantas aircraft back in the day (as recent as A300/737).
VH-CZQ was another... of course the CZ* series was used on DC-9's and 737's by Ansett.

Yes, Ansett is now history, but I was wondering about Qantas and the recycling of registrations.
The EB* series was brought back with the A330-200. VH-EBE was introduced recently with JetStar. The EA* and EB* series rego's appeared on 707's and 747's (EC* also on 747 Combi's).....

So, why the divergence into 'new' series rego's recently?

Any insider knowledge into how a company chooses aircraft callsigns?

Looks like the VH-TA* series with QF is indefinitely a thing of the past.
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