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Metrojet/Delta Express Vs. Southwest

Sat Aug 12, 2000 10:29 am

How well is MetroJet and Delta Express doing? It seems that Southwest is doing very well and continue to expand/add routes. Why can't MetroJet and/or Delta Express do the same? I would love to see the MetroJet/Delta Express do more point to point routes like Southwest (instead of heading south to Florida).

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RE: Metrojet/Delta Express Vs. Southwest

Sat Aug 12, 2000 12:03 pm

MetroJet and Delta Express were created for the sole purpose of offering inexpensive, no frills service for families travelling to Florida. This was a preventative measure so they would not lose ground to Southwest and ValuJet/AirTran which were making big bucks in this market.

If MetroJet and Delta Express started to fly point to point markets throughout the east, they would not only be competing with themselves but also with their mother carriers USAirways and Delta, respectively. Extensive east coast service is not liely for these carriers.
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RE: Metrojet/Delta Express Vs. Southwest

Sat Aug 12, 2000 2:33 pm

Metrojet draws is fleet from the mainline. While MJ expansion was warranted, and attempted last summer, expanding too much meant that there weren't enough planes for mainline to fly, so the scale of MJ was brought back. You would note however, that SW has been slowed very dramatically in US Airways territory by MJ as MJ competes out of every airport except Islip and very recently, Buffalo. Islip service however was never a big market for US as they focus on LGA and to a lesser extent, EWR. All nonstops out of BWI (SW's big northeast hub-like city) are matched by MJ, and SW does very little point to point flying in the northeast. Almost all flights are to or from PVD and BWI.

Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.