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I Want To Be An Airline Pilot

Sat Aug 12, 2000 12:51 pm

Hi all,

My dream to become an Airline Pilot since young might be just few steps away...
I'm 18yrs old, from Singapore and I don't have Perfect Eyesight yet, but I believe that it will not hinder my beautiful chance of Flying for an Airline
I've read magazines Flying, Private Pilot, Flight Training and go on the net in search for Flying Schools whihc will bring me closer to my dream.
In Singapore there are flying schools and they cost a BOMB just to get your PPL it will cost you S$19500 and its a Restricted PPL. So I will not do my PPL or any of my flight training here in SINGAPORE cause its too EXPENSIVE.

Yes, Thats what I want from you lads. Which flying school is Good and Cheap and recommend me any and anywhere around the WORLD. If its not too expensive, I can consider and find out more about it. Any Singaporeans out there who have done their Pilot Training elsewhere and comeback to work for Singapore Airlines or any corporate companies or a Certified Flight Instructor or just bumming around, leave me a message please.
Please HELP ME anyone who reads this message...!!

Thank you very much and Have a Glorious Day

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RE: I Want To Be An Airline Pilot

Sun Aug 13, 2000 5:08 am

Many public airports in the US have flight training offered at FBO's (Fixed Base Operators). The cost of a private certificate is usually in the range of $3-5000. If you intend to be an airline pilot, you will also need to get your instrument rating (both single and multi), commercial rating (single and multi), and around 1000 total hours and 100-250 multi hours. Total cost of becoming an airline pilot is usually around $20000 I think.
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RE: I Want To Be An Airline Pilot

Tue Aug 15, 2000 6:19 pm

Come to Australia and learn to fly. its roughly about $AUD130 an hour. The great part is that some Asian Carriers really like employing Aussie trained pilots
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RE: I Want To Be An Airline Pilot

Tue Aug 15, 2000 6:35 pm

I reccomend coming to Australia.
At Jandakot Airport there are currently lots of Asian Airline pilots training.

check out www.racwa.asn.au - this is where I do my flying.

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RE: I Want To Be An Airline Pilot

Tue Aug 15, 2000 7:36 pm

It probably will pay off to find out what the procedures are to transfering an out of country license to Singapore before you decide on a school. One other thing that you are going to need to check out with any prospective employers before you make any decision is to find out if they prefer the British CAA license or the US FAA licenses. I used to give written tests to a lot of people from outside the US and the general thinking was that the CAA license was the more desirable of the two and therefore a little easier to switchover to the country of choice. But a lot of that depends on the country, I assume it is especially true of countries that are ex-colonies or had a lot of British influence.

As for schools.....

Check out this one....University of Alaska, Anchorge I go to A&P school here but they have a small flight program too. Singapore Airlines has a stopover point here in Anchorage.