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3 New Carriers To Take Flight

Sat Aug 12, 2000 8:00 pm

The Civil Aviation scene in India seems to truly booming. The 2 largest carriers Jet Airways (9W) and the state owned Indian Airlines(IC) are both going in for MASSIVE expansion.

IC is planning to expand its fleet to 97 (all jet) from the current 56 by bringing in A318/319/320 and 321s.

9W is also planning to add 737-800's.

In todays 'Economic Times', i read an article about 3 new airlines starting up.

The first off the ground would be 'Crown Express', which is looking at an all Boeing fleet, probably 737's like all the other private carriers, including the trend-setting 9W.

The 'Ahmedabad School of Aviation' has also submitted an application for starting a commuter airline like the now defunct Vayudoot.

Then there is yet another unnamed company planning an all-boeing fleet airline.

Apart from these 3, ModiLuft Airlines, a Lufthansa subsidiary which had gone out of business is planning to make a comeback with a 737-400 fleet.