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What It Takes To Be An Airline Pilot, Help!

Sun Aug 13, 2000 1:59 am

Hi all,

My dream to become an Airline Pilot since young might be just few steps away...
I'm 18yrs old, from Singapore and I don't have Perfect Eyesight yet, but I believe that it will not hinder my beautiful chance of Flying for an Airline
I've read magazines Flying, Private Pilot, Flight Training and go on the net in search for Flying Schools whihc will bring me closer to my dream.
In Singapore there are flying schools and they cost a BOMB just to get your PPL it will cost you S$19500 and its a Restricted PPL. So I will not do my PPL or any of my flight training here in SINGAPORE cause its too EXPENSIVE.

Yes, Thats what I want from you lads. Which flying school is Good and Cheap and recommend me any and anywhere around the WORLD. If its not too expensive, I can consider and find out more about it. Any Singaporeans out there who have done their Pilot Training elsewhere and comeback to work for Singapore Airlines or any corporate companies or a Certified Flight Instructor or just bumming around, leave me a message please.
Please HELP ME anyone who reads this message...!!

Thank you very much and Have a Glorious Day

Herman I

RE: What It Takes To Be An Airline Pilot, Help!

Sun Aug 13, 2000 2:09 am

Firstly, check out whether any of the local airlines in your region offer sponsorship: SQ, MH etc. Then, with no luck, you may consider at least getting a PPL in the States, South Africa, or New Zealand/Australia. These are all cheap countries in which to learn a PPL.

As for flying schools, you can do a reasearch on one of the aviation search engines such as : http://www.avhome.com or http://www.avweb.com. http://www.pprune.org is also a good resource, look under "Wannabes".

But first, check out what the situation is with SQ and MH. I'm pretty certain SQ take on cadet pilots, as long as they they are Singaporean/Malay nationals. You would probably start off on Silkair aircraft.


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