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HEY Ive Got An IMP 717 Question

Sun Aug 13, 2000 4:36 am

Hi to all of you!
I was on the being website a little while ago, and I got a doubt.

In the 717-200 range page, there is a graph of the so called range. As you can see:

All of you say that the 717 can´t make a flight from florida to boston (for example), but as you may see, the range in that graph gets the 717 departing from BOS and it almost gets it to PR!!! and with the expanded range, it even gets to Aruba, Curacao and Cancun!!!!

could you please tell me why you say what you say, and the graph says another thing?

***also do you know any other good sites where I can find good airline photos/info????

or anyone knows about the old/ new PRINNAIR flying out of SJU?

carnival air