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Budapest-need Help

Sun Aug 13, 2000 6:48 am

Hi everybody!
I am planning a trip to Budapest in two weeks and need help about their airport and facilities. Does anybody know something more to tell me?
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RE: Budapest-need Help

Sun Aug 13, 2000 8:48 am


Budapest-Ferihegy is a very nice airport (I was earlier this year). It is very spacious and extremely clean. It is all now concentrated in two terminals Ferihegy 2 and 2B. On the later you can access an outdoor viewing terrace (you must pay a small fee and pass a metal detector) where you have a good view of the tarmac. Also taxing aircraft and the runways far behind.

Exiting the airport you should not miss if you can the Malev Museum. It has several old aircraft including Tupolevs 124, 154, etc.
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RE: Budapest-need Help

Mon Aug 14, 2000 6:07 pm

I visited Budapest in January and would echo what Lima said about the Malev plane collection. Unfortunately I only saw it on the way out but would loved to have stopped and walked around those Russian classics. I am not sure that there is a Tu-124, certainly there is a 154 and a 134 and an Il2 and Il18.

Your best route into the city is on the airport mini-bus, which will drop you off and pick you up on your return from wherever you want.

Have fun and post a trip report.
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