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UTAir To Float Fleet Replacement Tender(s)

Fri Aug 03, 2007 6:35 pm

UTAIR head Andrei Martirosov said Wednesday that the company will announce in August the tender for acquiring 30 new regional airplanes with capacity of 35-75 passengers and flight range up to 2,000 kilometers, which are to replace the same number of Tu-134 aircrafts. Martirosov added the company plans to spend $750 million on new planes.

In 2007-2009, UTAIR also wants to buy 15 ATR-42 Europe-made jets, to replace Yak-40 and An-24 planes it uses now. Besides, the company intends to renew the long-range fleet. In 2007-2008, it is going to lease 10 Boeing 737 jets, and to replace all its 20 Tu-154 by foreign aircrafts in the coming 5 years.

The ATR order intention isn´t new, what is new to me is the lease of 10 B737 and the tender for 30 RJs. Appears a bit like a tender for the SukhoiSuperJet, I tend to ignore the "35" seats as this section will already be covered by the ATRs.
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